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Just over here living my best sustainable life, with some AMAZING tools we have found along the way. Sustainable and ethical brands, with products sourced in a way that allows us to trace back to their origins and ensure their use reduces landfill PLUS items we know last a long time.
Choose your kit with or without a MyCup! Full details of each product is shown below images.
  • MyCup Menstrual Cup (RRP $35)
  • Back to the Wild Sunblock SPF 50 (RRP $27.90)
  • Miabelle 2 in one evergreen shampoo and conditioner bars (RRP $19)
  • Trade Aid Coconut Bowl (RRP $12)
  • Caliwood Beeswax Wrap (RRP $14)
  • Bento Ninja Rose Gold Stainless Steel Pegs (RRP $44.95)
  • Caliwoods Cutlery Pack (RRP $22)
Total Rescue Kit Price: $174.00
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Our favourite brands all in one exciting reusable rescue kit! A pack that you can gift in good concise knowing the impact of this thoughtfully curated collection will be as exciting to use as they are to receive, or grab one for yourself and bite off a little bit more sustainability for 2022. One for the mums who love an eco friendly alternative to the hard plastic stuff that is overwhelming the shelves, and ideal for people who love practical gifts. These products have been selected because they are a pleasure to use, because they are effective, and because they last for a long time…. so hello sustainable 2022… let’s do this!

Choose with our without the MyCup goodies inside each box. When you choose without, that means no MyCup Menstrual Cup or other MyCup branded product will be in the box, all other products will be included.

  • MyCup Menstrual Cup (RRP $35) this is a little life changer, what once was considered a hippie dippie period product is now mainstream and we are so excited about it. We embrace all brands making the switch to menstrual cups and the last two years has shown us how important saving money on silly little things like single use products can be. This MyCup can last for 10 years, save the user thousands, and save over 39.5kg in landfill! Made in New Zealand… choose size 0 for teens, or 1 or 2 for adults, (helpful hint for gift giving pre children choose a size 1, and post children choose a size 2)
  • Back to the Wild Sunblock SPF 50 (RRP $27.90) This has to be one of our best finds of the year. After discovering it on Ethically Kates recent post, we reached out to the team and Sonia is every bit as lovely as we imagined someone who spends their time creating ethical and sustainable skincare products would be. This one has been tested to the highest standards and we are so pleased to offer this impressive New Zealand Made product inside our festive selection of resuable boxes. Plastic free packaging, and highly effective – the dream.
  • Miabelle 2 in one evergreen shampoo and conditioner bars (RRP $19) Ideal for a summer getaway, and just as practical for use at home. Suitable for most hair types and perfect for the whole family this clever bar lasts up to 100 washes and cleanses effectively and conditions at the same time.  When your hair is dry you will feel the softness and the manageability this little bar brings.
  • Trade Aid Coconut Bowl (RRP $12) – we love Trade Aid, supporting them, and including these thoughtful products inside the Just living my BEST SUSTAINABLE LIFE Reusable Rescue Kit means we are helping champion an alternative way to trade – a fair way. Buying good products & making mindful purchases helps to create an equitable world.
  • Caliwood Beeswax Wrap (RRP $14) – Organic Beeswax Wraps keeps food in the kitchen and on the go fresh whilst keeping our homes plastic-free! These are an awesome size so you can cover your dinner plate, or use your coconut bowl, fill it up with leftovers and use it for a sustainable little lunch box for tomorrow!
  • Bento Ninja Rose Gold Stainless Steel Pegs (RRP $44.95) – Cant quite decide if I like these because they are a much more sustainable alternative than the hard plastic pegs that break all the time… or if I like them because they are just so glam!! Bento Ninja is an amazing brand we are excited to partner with on these Reusable Rescue Kit’s, they are super passionate about making everyday household items environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Caliwoods Cutlery Pack (RRP $22) – Essentials is your essential fork, knife and spoon pack! A sustainable pack that is stylish for a variety of occasions! 
     Pack contains: 1 x Fork – Coconut Palm – Length 16cm, 1 x Knife – Coconut Palm – Length 16cm, 1 x Spoon – Coconut Palm  – Length 16cm, 1 x CaliWoods Cotton Carry Case

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