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This kit helps to create a ritual and ceremony around each monthly cycle. Together with ceremonial cacao from Wildcrafted NZ including instructions for harnessing the full power of ceremonial cacao – this is a beautiful addition to each monthly ritual. A diary for thoughts, poems, goals and reflection.

Choose your kit with or without a MyCup! Full details of each product is shown below images.

  • MyCup Menstrual Cup (RRP $35)
  • Miabelle Dry Lotion Bar (RRP $25)
  • Empowered Period Journal
  • Wildcrafted Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao Cup (RRP $23)
The Wild Woman Kit Price: $93.00
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The period stigma can be viewed as a form of misogyny and it is also believed to be at the heart of the origins of patriarchy. However not all societies view menstruation negatively, and at MyCup we most certainly believe that a period is something positive and powerful.  Reusable products to save thousands of dollars, tonnes of landfill, and mindfulness in spades…

Choose with our without the MyCup goodies inside each box. When you choose without, that means no MyCup Menstrual Cup or other MyCup branded product will be in the box, all other products will be included.

  • MyCup Menstrual Cup (RRP $35) – Made in New Zealand… choose size 0 for teens, or 1 or 2 for adults, (helpful hint for gift giving pre children choose a size 1, and post children choose a size 2).
  • Miabelle Dry Lotion Bar (RRP $25) – A rich solid bar moisturizer packaged in a compostable paper tube for easy application. Softens on application with your body temperature. Comes in two delicious scents – Coconut Vanilla or Pink Grapefruit. Indulge yourself in our spa-inspired nourishing solid lotion bar. Enjoy as your skin soaks up the rich, hydrating properties of shea butter, cocoa and mango butter and antioxidant rich natural vitamin E. It’s organic properties soothe and protect extremely dry skin, locking in moisture for longer. Treat yourself and your skin will thank you. Plus no plastic packaging or bottle to worry about, which is better for our environment. 75 grams.
  • Empowered Period Journal – A beautiful journal to start tracking your cycle which is totally unique to each person, completing the journal and tracking each cycle will empower and help each user to have a better understanding of their period and their body. The amazing Nurse Jacqui has provided cycle trackers so users can fill the journal in easily, and use the pages within to help establish goals, reflect on the month and maintain a positive attitude towards all aspects of the body. Research shows that self-reflection is related to improved self-esteem. As we feel better about ourselves and do better work to understand our bodies, we create positive feelings and grow in confidence to continue meeting our challenges and goals. The key is to stay positive and focus on what you can truly control, understand the body, and embrace each month with care and love.
  • Wildcrafted Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao Cup (RRP $23) – Wildcrafted Raw Organic Cacao Paste is Pure Criollo cacao from Peru. It is unadulterated cacao sourced from the Mesoamerican region and is deemed Ceremonial grade Cacao, embrace the inner wild woman and revive your soul with the superfood of all superfoods cacao — the dried seeds at the root of chocolate—is also one of the highest sources of magnesium in nature full of antioxidants calcium zinc copper and selenium.

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